We Publish Children& Family Bible Storybooks In Over 50 Languages

Does your ministry need high-quality illustrated Bible storybooks to share with a specific people group? We publish children and family storybook Bibles in over 50 languages with six popular titles, including the Jesus Storybook Bible, the Right Choices Bible, the Discovery Bible, God’s Great Story, 365 Bible Stories& Prayers, the Big Picture Story Bible and more to come soon! We are a global leader in publishing and printing the best Bible storybooks for Christian ministries across the world.

We can handle orders for hundreds, even thousands, of storybook Bibles in your requested language and deliver it to your ministry location worldwide. We are able to print at our own facilities. We also have a broad network of regional partners that enables us to print any title in our collection of Bible storybooks nearest your location and deliver books at a fraction of the cost. Eagles Group USA’s core mission is to bring God’s Word via children and family Bible storybooks to as many people and languages in the world as possible. We are ready to partner with your Christian ministry to provide you the Bible storybooks you need as an essential tool for advancing God’s Kingdom.  

children's Bible storybooks
Children's Bible Storybook

Bible storybooks in 50+ languages

Storybook Bibles for Younger Readers

Storybook Bibles written & illustrated for children

Family-Centered Bible Storybook

A great Family devotion resource

Bible Story Books That Teach The Christian Faith

Bible storybooks that teaches God’s truth

The passion of encouraging families to develop the tradition of reading the Bible together paves the road to bringing forth the heritage of the Christian faith to the next generation.

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We are constantly working on translating our existing children and family Bible storybooks into new languages to expand our current catalog. The six main Bible storybooks in our catalog represent 50+ available languages that covers almost every major linguistic group in the world. We are ready to partner with your ministry to reach children and families with the Christian faith via our Bible storybooks. If we have a storybook Bible that you wish to see translated into a language, please feel free to let us know! We are constantly seeking to increase our catalog to better serve global Christian ministries in reaching younger kids and families with the Gospel. We want to provide you with the Bible storybook tools you need to accomplish this.

The Right Choices Bible

22 languages

The Jesus Storybook Bible

18 languages

The Discovery Bible

7 languages

God's Great story

4 languages


1 language

The Big Picture Story Bible

1 language

Bible Storybook Ministry Testimonials

Hear what others are saying about how God used one of our Bible storybooks to impact lives!

Kieu Xuan Hoan
Kieu Xuan Hoan
Children's Committee Member of Phu Nhuan Church of the Gospel (Vietnam)
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The foundation of the book [Right Choices Bible] is based on the Bible. This helps children read the stories in advance and they can easily understand the stories in the Bible. This book includes typical Bible stories which help teachers and children learn to choose to follow the word of God. Questions in each lesson can be easily answered by children at the ages of 9-12. Class is active in each lesson and children can learn the word of God...
Missionary, Middle East Region
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We distributed dozens of Jesus Storybook Bibles to refugees and locals. One girl of 10 years old taught herself to read just so she could understand these stories about Jesus on her own! Eventually she became a Christian with a joyful testimony. We are thankful for this ministry resource from Eagle Publishing. We hope the Lord will continue to use them across the world.
Member of Buon Ho Church of the Gospel (Vietnam)
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Thank God for I have The Right Choices Bible. After reading this book, I realized how great God’s love for me. This helps me trust God more and more in my life. I read every story and answer its questions every day. The contents of the book are interesting and easily understandable for me.
Ukraine Outreach
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When the children came out after the event, They kept interrupting each other to tell me all about the program, especially about the Christmas story they heard at the event. And when we came home, they started looking through the children's Bible they received even before they opened their gifts. Viktoria can't read yet, but she kept asking her brother to read her from the pages she was interested in.
MariaUkraine Distribution
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My name is Maria. I came to Moldova with my son, Roma, 11, and my daughter Dasha, 6, from Kamiyanske, Dnipropetrovsk region. We've been here since March 12… When we came to the Christmas children's event today, I felt complete peace and safety. And while the children were at the program in the main hall, we, as parents, were offered to wait for them in a separate room. The people there talked to us and prayed for us. When the children came out after the event, I really had not seen such genuine and big smiles on children's faces for a long time. My son Roma ran up to me and exclaimed, ‘Mom, look! We received children's Bibles in our language. Now, when you don't feel good, I will read it to you! They told us that Jesus helps us to go through all the difficulties.’ Thank you so much for sharing true hope with us during these times.
DarinaUkraine Outreach
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My name is Darina, and my daughter’s name is Polina; she is 10. We lived in Odesa. When the war broke out on February 24, it was terrifying. We left the next day, February 24, and went to Moldova... Polina and I were at a Christmas event today. We learned new and interesting facts about Christmas. Thank you for the gift and children’s Bible. Thank you for treating our children with so much love and warmth. My daughter was so very happy.
Willianne van der Snoek
Willianne van der Snoek
The Dutch Translator of the Right Choices Bible
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I am very curious about the final result. I am grateful that I was able to participate in this project, again, what a beautiful Bible to go through together as a family. Really cool how application-oriented it is! Many blessings in the release of this project.

Do you have your own testimonial from using one of our Bible storybooks? Please contact us to let us hear it!

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