Spreading God's Word Globally

About Us

We are Christian publishers started in Cairo, Egypt, in 1990. We have grown to be a global publishing ministry by God’s grace. Now, we have an LLC holding company established in Colorado, USA. As “Tent-Makers”, we work to earn our income by producing publications and paper packaging for the commercial market. This is how we support our ministry of Christian publishing. We seek partners for distributing Bible storybooks in multiple world and tribal languages.

Our Vision Is To Glorify God Through Spreading His Word

Our core mission is to bring God’s Word to as many people and languages in the world as possible. We seek to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing the explained and illustrated Word of God in our Bible Storybooks. We seek to promote the Biblical truth worldwide while helping children and families discover how to live it in their daily life.

We believe that the purpose of life is to know and glorify God through an authentic relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. This purpose is lived out first within our own families, then ministry, then business teams, and then extended, in love, to an increasingly broken world that desperately needs Him.

We generate income to support our ministry through publishing requests and the printing facility that the Lord bestowed on us. This enables us to produce our resources and serve the printing needs of other ministries who echo our passion for making the light of the Gospel available in this ever-changing, ever-more-complicated world. When you order Bible storybooks from us, you can know that the profits are going right back into translating and publishing more titles for the years to come!