Choices Impact Lives!

The Right
Choices Bible

The Right Choices Bible

Dottie & Josh McDowell

Book Description:
Choices Impact Lives!

Most children’s books are either for kids to read independently or for parents to read to them. This book is unique because it is a book that children can read themselves and is also a great family devotion resource! Sixty-three characters from Biblical times are brought to life through this book, as readers are invited into their decision-making journey and take a close look at each character’s choice between right and wrong. The book’s author creatively articulated how each character either experienced the blessing of making the right choice or bore the negative consequences of making the wrong one. This is a great resource to teach children Bible stories about choices we make to follow God.

Available Languages:
Amharic Coptic, Arabic, Chichewa, English, Filipino, French, Hausa, Hindi, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Korean, Laotion, Luganda, Mandarin, Mongolian, Oromo, Romanian, Russian, Sango, Spanish, Swahili, Tumbuka, Vietnamese


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We are currently accepting requests for bulk orders of the Right Choices Bible in any of the 22 different languages we offer. We can ship globally to your ministry location, including to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe / Eurasia. Prices per title will vary based on quantity requested. We will provide a custom price quote to you as soon as possible once we receive your request for The Right Choices Bible in bulk.